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  1. Buy American policies will live on — even if the Trump presidency doesn't


    Tensions over Buy American policies appear destined to live on after this year — even if the Trump presidency doesn’t. That’s one takeaway from trade policies laid out by U.S. election frontrunner Joe Biden.

  2. Notre-Dame cathedral to be rebuilt without modern touches


    Notre-Dame cathedral will be rebuilt just the way it stood before last year's devastating fire, with a plan includes recreating the 19th century spire that collapsed in the blaze.

  3. How the 'bureaucratic' World Health Organization ended up on the hot seat over its COVID response


    The U.S. announced this week that it is formally withdrawing from the World Health Organization, citing undue Chinese influence. Here, CBC News explains how the United Nations organization really works.

  4. Seoul mayor's death causes sympathy, questions of his acts

    South Korea Seoul Mayor

    The sudden death of Seoul's mayor, reportedly implicated in a sexual harassment complaint, has caused an outpouring of public sympathy even as it has raised questions about a man who built his career as a reform-minded politician and self-described feminist.

  5. World Health Organization lays groundwork for investigation into coronavirus origin


    Two World Health Organization experts headed to the Chinese capital, Beijing, on Friday to lay the groundwork for a larger mission to investigate the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.